Brad Pitt's rumored girlfriend, Alia Shawkat, recently clarified her relationship with the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor. The Arrested Development actress stressed that she never dated Pitt and they are just friends. Just after that, a tabloid found another actress to link with Brad and that is Geena Davis. 

Fans have probably rewatched Thelma & Louise after rumors emerged that the former co-stars are dating. According to New Idea, Pitt and Davis have reconnected recently and they planned to have a "sexy" reunion dinner. The tabloid mentioned that it all started after Pitt expressed how grateful he is to Davis for his breakout role in their 1991 movie. 

A source told the tabloid that Pitt has been on some sort of thank you tour to everyone he worked with to express his gratitude to them. One of those people was the Stuart Little actress. The insider claimed Pitt and Davis had a great chat and ended up agreeing to have dinner together. 

In The Sun interview, Pitt mentioned Davis was the one who picked him from a group of actors who auditioned for the role of J.D. According to the two-time Academy Award winner, he was going head-to-head with five other actors in the final audition and one of them was his now-best buddy George Clooney. Fortunately for Pitt, Davis picked the blonde guy and it was him. 

Another supposed friend of Davis claimed that the actress is very excited about her upcoming date with Pitt, especially since she hasn't been on a date for a long time after she divorced her ex-husband, Reza Jarrahy. The insider alleged The Long Kiss Goodnight actress is looking forward to flirting with her former co-star.

While it's true that Pitt was thankful to Davis for giving him a chance to star in Thelma & Louise, the rest of New Idea's were false. The two are not going on a date. 

Gossip Cop also noted that Davis was not the only one that Brad mentioned in his recent interview. The Ad Astra actor also thanked filmmaker Ridley Scott for taking a chance on him and gave him the opportunity to play the supporting role of a cowboy hitchhiker who befriended Thelma (Davis) and eventually took her money. Pitt gained recognition because of the movie.

Gossip Cop also noted that it wasn't surprising that New Idea would link Pitt to any actress it could think of because its previous claims did not pan out. For the past months, New Idea has been pushing Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's romance. 

Earlier this year, it claimed Pitt was marrying the Friends actress at a French estate that he and Angelina Jolie own. It also claimed that the former spouses remarried at Jen's Christmas party. Both rumors have been proven to be fabricated.