Brad Pitt's name has been linked lately with Australian reporter Renee Bargh. The two are reportedly dating and the romance allegedly started during their brief talks at the red carpet.

New Idea published what seemed to be a follow up to its earlier story about Brad Pitt and Renee Bargh. In its new article, the tabloid claimed to have confirmed that the two are romantically involved with each other. 

New Idea claimed since Bargh left the U.S. to film The Voice Australia at her home country, the Extra reporter has been keeping in touch with her supposed new beau via FaceTime. Then the tabloid used photos of Bargh and Pitt as they appeared to speak via video chat.

The tabloid also used Bargh allegedly words when she interviewed Pitt at SAG Awards red carpet earlier this year. It quoted the reporter as saying: "I think there's always butterflies when Brad Pitt is around - I'm only human." 

Like the New Idea's earlier story, Gossip Cop also debunked its latest claim about the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor and Bargh. The publication clarified that the photo of Pitt that New Idea used as its "evidence" of the affair was taken from the actor's video message for the graduating seniors at Missouri State University. This means it was not a snap of the actor while having a chat with Bargh. 

Moreover, the quote that Renee allegedly uttered when she is about to talk to Pitt at the SAG Awards doesn't prove that they are in a romantic relationship. Gossip Cop pointed out that it is more of words coming from a fan than from someone the actor has a relationship with.

Last week, New Idea claimed Angelina Jolie's ex-husband was interested in getting to know Bargh more after she interviewed him in several award shows. The tabloid also claimed Renee has been "secretly flirting" with the actor whenever she talks to him at the red carpet. It added that The Voice Australia co-host also mentioned the "amazing chemistry" she had with Brad.

Bargh already denied the rumors between her and Pitt. During a pre-finale talk with fellow The Voice Australia host Darren McMullan, the two asked to answer some "spicy questions." 

Darren asked Renee about the most scandalous story written about her. Bargh said hers was not scandalous but it was the funniest when she was rumored dating Brad Pitt. 

In a separate interview with KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, Bargh also clarified her Instagram post about Pitt. The 33-year-old entertainment reporter said she was just joking when she wrote in the photo caption that she has "amazing chemistry" with Pitt. The two were first rumored dating when Renee talked to the actor during the red carpet premiere of Ad Astra last fall.