In a time filled with the uncertainty of tomorrow, fear of death, depression due to loss, and financial problems, people seem to be covered in darkness with almost without any hope to grasp on to continue living anymore. But amid what's happening in the world at present, some people are still able to show their love letting their hearts shine so bright during one of the worst days of our lifetime. 

Several people are creating a change nowadays. One of the souls who have been given a golden heart to give and serve his people is the San Miguel Corporation President and COO Ramon S. Ang. 

Ang, despite being one of the richest people in the Philippines, is also affected by the coronavirus negatively big time. Offering products mostly alcoholic beverages, his company has lost a lot of sales during the coronavirus pandemic due to liquor bans implemented by the government in their country. But what happened didn't hinder him to help not just his people, but also other Filipinos as well. 

According to Inquirer, San Miguel, through the efforts of Ang, has allocated about PHP11.67 billion for the company's payment to the government, which includes the taxes, contractual payments, and concession fees. This is despite the extended time given to local companies to pay for their dues. Furthermore, he also paid all its employees full compensation topped with benefits, which cost him over PHP 3 billion.

Aside from giving away monetary help to a lot of people, the company also facilitated in building emergency quarantine facilities for patients who show only mild to no symptoms of the coronavirus. In a post shared by ABS-CBNthe company was able to complete 10 emergency quarantine facilities all around the country with the help of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. 

The company, led by Ang, also decided to use their facilities and create 70% ethyl alcohol and distribute it nationwide for free as the Philippines fight against the coronavirus. This is their answer to the country's shortage of sanitizers. 

They also provided over PHP 1 billion worth of free toll, personal protective equipment, disinfectant alcohol, flour, cash, and food to those communities and front liners mostly affected by the pandemic. This includes 10,000 locally made PPE suits, which were given to the front liners from the Philippine General Hospital, and a lot of testing kits and machines to the Philippine's Department of Health.