Living nowadays can be very hard due to coronavirus. You always have to be informed of the recent news about COVID-19 to help you and your loved ones be protected. You should always find a way to be well-entertained and busy to keep your mental estate healthy. You must also monitor yourself for symptoms so you will be able to seek medical help the soonest. 

All these might seem very complicated as the new normal for almost all people around the globe unfolds. But know some ways could make these things a lot better. One of which is by using the apps you can easily download from the net straight to your gadget.

No matter what your purpose might be for using the app, there would surely be one that is perfect for you this pandemic. Here are some of those you can consider. 


These kinds of apps are just some of the must-haves nowadays as it could help in monitoring your health especially once you are allegedly showing symptoms of the coronavirus. These apps are designed to check on its users every day by asking about how they are feeling and the symptoms they might be showing. 

Some of the apps you should check for this purpose are COVID Symptom Tracker, which is considered the most popular with over 500,000 downloads on Google Play. Other apps include COVID Near You, Stop COVID NYC, and HelpBeatCOVID19 designed by Boston Children's Hospital, Mount Sinai, and the University of Alabama Birmingham respectively. 


Checking and seeking out some help from health providers nowadays are very important. Unfortunately with what is going on with our world nowadays, personally visiting a hospital is very risky.

Good thing, some doctors have now offered their services through the help of technology so their patients won't have to go to the hospital except for emergency cases anymore, as explained by Mayo ClinicSome of these apps you may want to install are Teledoc, Doctor on Demand, and Amwell.

Other apps you should check out are Headspace and Calm to improve your mental health, Slumber, and Relax Melodies for better sleeping. In checking out these apps, there is this one very important guidelines, which you have to consider first. Read the apps' privacy policy before downloading as most of these apps would require you to provide several personal data. Never forget to prioritize your safety and security before anything.