There's no need to worry about the fate of The Last Kingdom season 5, as Netflix has finally renewed the series. This news was previously confirmed by the streaming service and many were delighted with the news. We could see more of Uhtred and his journey moving forward.

On Tuesday, July 7, Netflix announced that The Last Kingdom season 5 is coming to the platform. It only makes sense it was renewed for another installment, given that the series has a huge global audience and they are eager to see the story continues.

The renewal announcement was revealed by the cast through social media. The news also comes just less than three months after the arrival of the fourth installment in April. Reportedly, the upcoming new installment will consist of 10 episodes -- just like season 3 and 4.

As for what stories we can expect in The Last Kingdom season 5, executive producer Nigel Marchant told Radio Times that the latest installment will tell a story of the separate kingdoms coming together. It's interesting to see how such unions happen, and also how Uhtred gets back to Bebbanburg.

The new season also picks up some of the events that transpired in season 4 finale. One of the biggest questions here is whether or not Aelswith survives the poisoning at the hands of Aethelhelm. Her fate is still up in the air; she may or may not be coming back moving forward.

Other stories that could further be explored include to Uhtred's children: Young Uhtred and Stiorra. In addition, there could be a potential war between Uhtred and Brida, who felt betrayed and decided to raise her unborn child to hate Uhtred.

But while we could see a few victories of Uhtred in The Last Kingdom season 5, some unexpected events could still test him. After all, the story is all about destiny, allegiances, vengeance, and survival. Some forces may collide and things could get even more violent.

The previous season saw the death al several key characters, and we could likely expect the same in the new installment. The series tends to deliver unexpected twists and turns -- leaving most of the characters' fate in danger and in question.

Meanwhile, although The Last Kingdom season 5 was officially renewed, the official release date is still is uncertain. Cast and crew may not start filming anytime soon due to the global health crisis, which can cause a delay. But if the situation gets better, we could see the series arriving at some point in 2021.