It's going to be a long and different vacation for a lot of kids this year. There's going to be a lot of indoor time, especially since most fun and leisure places are still either closed or limited. It's a good thing there's entertainment at home, and while it cannot replace the real thing will help parents handle all the time children spend at home.

In place of the traditional summer activities, here are some games that will make kids' feel as if they're doing the real thing.

Family Outing

If your family is a regular at Disneyland, take the safest route this year and play "Disneyland Adventures" instead. Designed for smaller kids, this adventure and exploration game lets your walk around a digital version of Disneyland complete with appearances by the most beloved Disney characters. There are also mini-games and fun attractions to gawk at, including The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

There's a co-op option for those who want to make things a lot more interesting, and the remastered version for the Xbox One even has 4K visuals and Kinect support.


Sports are canceled this entire summer, but in the world of video games, there's always time for baseball. For older kids who are into sports, "MLB The Show 20" should provide a lot of virtual baseball fun.

You can play a casual exhibition game online, against the computer, or against your older brother. If you want a more interesting time, you can always play around with complex team management modes.

The best thing about this game is that it's good for either casual or serious games. So on lazy days, you can relax with some easy modes or run a season if you must if you're feeling more obsessed.


This summer, there are no parties, parks, playdates, and the like. Kids will miss a lot of social interaction, but luckily there's "The Sims 4." This series has been around since forever and it's never boring even for adults. The game lets you create a world filled with weird characters and you can basically make them do whatever you want.

While you're allowed to live a solitary life, there's a ton of options to socialize like in real life, such as meeting new people, visiting old friends, working 9-5, go to parties, and many more. It's unbelievable what you can do in "The Sims," there's likely more to do by the time a vaccine is developed.