The case against Goo Hara's infamous ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum has been elevated to the Supreme Court.

According to a report by All Kpop, prosecutors have filed an appeal against the court decision after Choi Jong Bum was ruled innocent of charges of secretly filming intimate acts with Goo Hara without her consent.

It can be recalled that Goo Hara took her own life in November last year, allegedly, due to depression caused by her court case against her ex-boyfriend whom she charged of assaulting her and threatening to release sex videos of their intimate acts.

During his sentencing on July 2, Choi Jong Bum was found guilty of assault, intimidation, coercion, and damage of property but he was acquitted from charges of filming Goo Hara without her consent. 

According to lawyer Roh Jong Eon, Goo Hara's bereaved family is seeking the Supreme Court's consideration in overturning the court decision to hold Choi Jong Bum accountable for his actions of illegal filming. 

The lawyer said that before Hara's passing last year, the actions of the accused caused her great distress and anguish. Because of the sex video issue, it was revealed that Goo Hara even had to kneel in front of the head of her agency to seek an apology. 

Lawyer Roh Jong Eon said that they are hoping that the Supreme Court could see how unfair it was for Choi Jong Bum to be given a light sentence after threatening to ruin the career of Goo Hara because of the illegally filmed videos. 

During his trial last August, Choi Jong Bum was sentenced to only one and a half years in prison suspended for three years of probation.

Last May during his appeal trial, Choi Jong Bum appeared before the court again to plead guilty to all charges except for the illegal filming. As a result, the earlier sentence was rescinded and he was again sentenced to one year in prison on July 2, Soompi reported. 

In its decision, the court recognized the malice behind Choi Jong Bum's threat to release the intimate footage publicly to damage Goo Hara's career but they did not find him guilty for the crime of illegally filming the videos since it could not be established beyond a reasonable doubt that that the footage was filed without consent.

Choi Jong Bum was given a one year prison sentence without suspension and was placed under court custody since he was a flight risk.