Claire Foy has been rumored pregnant with a mystery man's child. One tabloid, however, claimed the baby's daddy could be Foy's co-star in The Crown, Matt Smith. 

Woman's Day published a story this week alleging Foy is expecting her second child and Smith could be the father of the baby. The Crown actress was previously married to actor Stephen Campbell Moore. 

The two tied the knot in 2014 but ended their relationship in early 2018. They have a daughter together. 

According to Woman's Day, Foy was recently spotted in London sporting a loose-fitted black dress and yellow Birkenstock sandals. The tabloid used a photo of the actress out in the city to claim that underneath the loose dress is a baby bump. 

Then, it raised the question of who could be the father of Foy's baby. It cited a source who speculated that it could be her close friend, Matt Smith. 

The insider claimed the two were rumored dating while working on the Netflix critically-acclaimed series, The Crown. The source added Foy and Smith never talk about it in public but their chemistry on and off camera was off the charts. 

Woman's Day, however, also noted that Smith may have rekindled romance with Lily James despite rumors that the Downton Abbey actress is dating Chris Evans. The two were recently spotted together in London. 

Smith and James dated for five years and broke up in December 2019. It was rumored at the time that the two split because Lily struggled to cope with Smith's close friendship with Foy. Back in October, Woman's Day also claimed that Claire Foy and Matt Smith were dating after they were spotted grabbing a meal together while on break from their play rehearsal. 

Gossip Cop dismissed Woman's Day's made-up story then and now. The publication stressed that the First Man actress is not pregnant with any mystery man's child, and it most certainly not with Smith's baby. 

While it's true that the Foy and Smith were spotted together recently, it was because they are working on the same project. The two are currently starred in the play, Lungs. Gossip Cop noted that this was also the time when the Emmy-winning actress was photographed wearing a loose dress. 

Claire Foy and Matt Smith famously played the role of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on the first two seasons of The Crown. They are currently co-starring in a socially-distanced production of the play Lungs at the historic Old Vic Theatre in London. The two are expected to hit the Brooklyn Academy of Music stage this year.