There are still a lot of uncertainties when it comes to Snowfall season 4. While it is officially happening on FX, its official release date is still unknown as of yet. The production is partially done, but there is no indication that the network would be dropping new episodes anytime soon.

It seems like FX is planning to complete the story of Snowfall season 4 before releasing it. And when the production resumes, the series could be a little bit different. CarteMatt noted there will be changes, though there's a challenge as to how dramatic these changes can be.

One of the major challenges here is that the series was set in the past; it might be difficult to take out something from present and then include it in the past. The story has already taken on racial injustice, and this is something that will likely continue as the series progresses.

While the writers can't reference what's happening in the present, they could put some themes that mirror what's going on until now. When it comes to production, there could also be changes in how scenes were being filmed in Snowfall season 4.

There could be fewer group scenes and extras this time around. In addition, the story might be scaled down and becomes a little bit simpler. But despite the potential changes, the huge arc already planned wouldn't be thrown away just because of filming restrictions.

The series could use some ways to make some scenes look authentic, which includes camera tricks and post-production work. There's still a lot of ways to make the series look natural, despite the challenges. Yet, we have to wait for a while in order to see the series back on FX.

The three preceding seasons all premiered in July and concluded in September. But that won't happen for Snowfall season 4. But, series star Damon Idris teased that the new season will deliver interesting and excellent stories once it arrives.

If production resumes later this summer, we could see the new season premiering in either fall or in early 2021. For now, the top priority is the safety of cast and crew members. They could start working again when the situation goes back to normal.

Most of the characters are also returning in Snowfall season 4. That means we're going to see Damson Idris, Angela Lewis, Reign Edwards, Michael Hyatt, Carter Hudson, Amin Joseph, Kevin Carroll, Judith Scott, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Isaiah John, and Alon Aboutboul are all coming back at some point.