Zara Tindall is quite busy and occupied this summer with husband Mike Tindall as they are doing home renovations in Gatcombe Park. The lavish home the Queen's granddaughter shares with her husband and their two daughters is getting a new conservatory. 

Hello reported that Zara and Mike submitted plans to the local council to build the conservatory when they were making changes to their home two years ago. The approval for the conservatory, apparently, came shortly after Zara gave birth to Lena, her second child with Mike, in June 2018. 

The Tindalls, reportedly, plan to add a new kitchen and bathroom in this extended space, as well as increase floor area at the back side of the house from 115 to 135 square meters. The couple, also, wants an open kitchen, a bigger dining room and a new toilet and utility area in the ground floor. A small bedroom upstairs will be converted into an addition to the masters' bedroom, while another bedroom will be installed just right above the conservatory.  

Zara and Mike moved into Gatcombe Park in 2013, after living in Cheltenham in the first few years of their marriage. Their current home is part of Princess Anne's estate, which was a gift from Queen Elizabeth. 

Despite being Queen's granddaughter, Zara Tindall doesn't have the same life as her younger cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry. She was raised without a royal title, just like her older brother, Peter Phillips. 

BBC reported that Princess Anne rejected an offer from Queen Elizabeth to bestow titles to her children so that they can be "born into the peerage." But, Zara is, apparently, pleased that her mother decided not to take royal titles because she and her brother are able to live their lives without royal constraints and earn their own money. 

Zara is an equestrian who receives sponsorships and endorsements. She has competed in the Olympics and won a silver medal in 2012. She followed in the footsteps of her mother, who also won a gold medal for the British team in the 1972 Olympics.  

Since the lockdown, Zara has been training for the Tokyo Olympics, which was supposed to take place this year. But, the sports event was pushed to 2021 amid the risks of the coronavirus.

Zara Tindall, however, kept with her training so that she and her horse remains in shape by the time the Olympics gets underway.