Finding Freedom is just about to arrive a few weeks from today. But, ahead of its official release, excerpts from the Sussex couple's unofficial biography are now made public via The Times and the Sunday Times.

Since the emergence of the book's extracts, the public has started to learn what happened between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and the British Royal Family. Although their lives are at the front and center of the material, their spokesperson, reportedly, "denied" the Duke and Duchess' involvement.

The authors, Omid Scobie and Carole Durand, have also clarified that there were no interviews from the Sussex couple. They did not contribute either, according to Us Weekly.

The first set of extracts from Finding Freedom reveals most of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first meetings, dates, and intimate moments. As claimed, the royal-born Prince said "I love you" first but, the then-Suits actress "immediately" replied the same back.

The book adds that they had their second date just the night after their first meeting. As for the third official date, which happened a few weeks after their first two dates, they, reportedly, flew to Africa.

In November 2017, they announced their engagement before the public. However, the author claims that they already got engaged three months earlier.

Finding Freedom's excerpts, also, gave a glimpse of the relationship that Meghan and Harry have with Prince William and Kate Middleton. The book, reportedly, clarifies that there was no rift between the two Duchesses. Instead, what they have was nothing as they are far different from each other, The Independent reported.

What was real, however, is the alleged feud between the two royal siblings. Sources from the book assert that it all started when the Duke of Cambridge wanted to ensure that lust did not blind his brother when it comes to Meghan.

The book, then, explains that the future King of the United Kingdom also wanted to make sure of the actress' "intentions" with the Duke of Sussex.

But, despite Prince William's rational thinking, this did not, reportedly, go well with Prince Harry. As a result, the rift started.

The unofficial biography aims to touch on what drove Meghan Markle and Prince Harry away from the British Royal Family. While the public has seemingly blamed the Duchess of Sussex for their exit, Finding Freedom states that it was the Duke of Sussex's decision to quit the royal life as "he wanted out." Meghan Markle just "opened the door" for him, the sources added.