A Million Little Things season 3 is expected to premiere in the fall, but some things might still be changed depending on the current situation. The ABC series has to address a lot of stories once it arrives, particularly the huge cliffhanger involving Eddie.

Aside from that, A Million Little Things season 3 could, also, focus on the stories of other characters. For instance, Gary's storyline might be further addressed, considering some of the things that happened to him. He has gone through a lot, whether it'd be relationship problems or health crisis.

Now, his story will likely go in a different direction once the series returns. It could explore more of his heritage, something that is similar to what James Roday Rodriguez has been going through as of late. The actor, just recently, includes his last name to his stage moniker to fully honor his Mexican heritage.

In an interview with TVLine earlier this month, the actor discussed his "deeply personal" decision to reclaim his birth name of Rodriguez. Now, when A Million Little Things season 3 premieres on ABC, his character of Gary may also experience a similar epiphany.

The upcoming installment could explore more of Gary's heritage, something that Rodriguez has been experiencing on his own. The actor revealed that series creator DJ Nash was one of the people who brought up his professional name change in him.

Rodriguez said that Nash came to him and asked him whether he wanted Gary to have a Mexican name as well. He added that he couldn't believe someone acknowledged he was 50 percent Latino and associated his personal life in his work, something the actor deeply appreciated.

As for when A Million Little Things season 3 could begin production, Rodriguez noted they are all eyeing for an August start date. Since the series shoots in Vancouver, a lot of protocols and restrictions should be signed off, including Canadian unions and U.S. unions.

Rodriguez said he has no idea what the production is going to look like once they get there, though they're hoping for it to happen in August. But, they have to follow certain health guidelines first, including a 14-day quarantine period in British Columbia.

If ever the mentioned filming schedule will push through, A Million Little Things season 3 could premiere in the fall. The new installment is also part of ABC's 2020-2021 schedule alongside Grey's Anatomy season 17 and Station 19 season 4.