There are still a lot of questions when it comes to Queen of the South season 5, particularly as to when it could officially premiere on USA Network. Filming was underway the time the series shut down its production due to the global health crisis.

Now, it looks like Queen of the South season 5 could resume production as TV and filming productions have been approved in New Orleans, where the series shoots. This is a positive step for the show, as we could see the cast and crew going back to work in the coming weeks.

However, although this is good news for many, there's still a lot of work that needed to be done. For instance, safety protocols and health guidelines should be implemented on set to make sure that the entire production is safe. After all, the health and safety of everyone remain to be the top priority right now.

Before the global health crisis, Queen of the South season 5 is expected to arrive in June 2020. All preceding seasons arrived in the mentioned month, but that wasn't followed this time around. If ever the fifth installment resumes filming soon, we could expect it to premiere by the end of the year.

When it comes to the trailer, the series possibly stored enough scenes and footage to tease what's coming next. However, the decision to drop the official trailer still depends on the people behind-the-scenes, as well as the USA Network.

CarterMatt noted that the main goal of the trailer is to promote Queen of the South season 5 to casual viewers. If the series drops it too soon, casual fans could eventually forget about it. Perhaps, the network is planning to release the trailer once the confirmed premiere date is set.

As for what is coming, the new season will continue to follow Alice Braga's Teresa Mendoza, a woman who was forced to run from the Mexican cartel and seeks refuge in the United States. Peter Gadiot's James Valdez will also have an important role in Teresa's life moving forward.

Teresa will experience a "turning point" because of the presence of James, while also making new deals and new enemies. The Russians will be a huge part as well, especially after everything that transpired in the fourth installment.

Teresa informed her men she wanted to work with the Russian cartel from New York to expand her business. However, her crew warned her it would be a dangerous deal and it could jeopardize her life. This particular storyline could be the huge focus in Queen of the South season 5.