Ellen DeGeneres, reportedly, left the staff of an Australian television show "terrified" and extremely cautious of their actions after her guesting. The host's own staff, allegedly, has their own set of rules and no one can even go near the 62-year-old comedian.

When DeGeneres made an appearance on Australia's Today show, its former producer Neil Breen revealed she petrified their staffers. He even said that their employees were "walking on eggshells" around her.

In his show on 4BC Breakfast with Neil Breen, Breen revealed the show's producer called them aside and told them not to talk to Portia de Rossi's partner. They could not speak, approach, and even look at her.

DeGeneres' staff members were the only ones who could interact with her. They dictated everything that Today could do, from seating to lighting to how the interview would run, Mirror Online noted.

In the setup, DeGeneres would come in the studio, sit down, talk to the host, and then leave. To his surprise, Breen questioned if the rule was fair, asking if he really could not look at her.

He even called the whole situation "bizarre." At one point, he also had to ask her staff to stop laughing at her jokes because they were "interrupting the recording."

Talking about his attitude, Breen admitted he had no idea if she was nice or not. But having an interview for her own benefit to promote her project at the time, he seemed quizzed of the rules.

Meanwhile, The Ellen DeGeneres Show executive producers, Ed Glavin, Mary Connelly, and Andy Lassner, tried to distance DeGeneres from all the allegations made about the alleged "toxic environment" on set. They told E! News for the record that everything happening on the show every day is "completely" on them.

Hence, they take all the revelations "very seriously." They said just like everybody else who is still learning a lot of things in this world, they realized that they needed to do better and promised to committedly do it. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is, reportedly, undergoing an internal investigation following the revelations of its former and current employees. According to Variety, the higher-ups sent a memo to those "working on the show" last week, advising them that the ex and present staff would be interviewed about their working environment on set. This come after BuzzFeed News published an article about the alleged "toxic work culture" the show has.