Melania Trump was not much around during Donald Trump's run in 2016. The First Lady previously revealed, though, why she "refused" to be on the campaign trail, and it was because of Barron Trump.

The Trumps are well-known personalities even before their time inside the White House. While the public expected for Melania to be with her husband, especially during the campaign, considering that it has become a norm today, she surprised everyone when she stepped back from the political spotlight. Instead, Donald Trump's first daughter, Ivanka Trump, seemingly replaced her for that role during that time.

Speaking to CNN's Anderson Cooper a month before the elections, Melania Trump explained her lack of participation in the 2016 campaign, according to the Daily Express. She said that she chose to "mentor" her son rather than extend her help to the rest of the family for the campaign.

The now-First Lady revealed that she and Barron always talked about the campaign, especially the language. She said that she does not allow her then-10-year-old son to use "bad language."

She contended that this is "normal" as it is part of growing up. However, she, reportedly, reminds him of the consequences, adding that there is always the need to be careful. In the end, Melania added that teaching her son is the very reason why she is not on the campaign trail.

Over the years, Melania Trump has, repeatedly, asserted that being a mother is her number one job. Despite becoming the First Lady of the United States, she has centered her focus and attention on Barron Trump.

Previous reports said that this is also the reason why she delayed her move to the White House. After Donald Trump won the election and attended the inauguration, he left New York for Washington D.C. to move to the Executive Residence.

Surprisingly, Melania took almost six months before she relocated to be with her husband. Sources said that she stayed with her son in New York to focus on caring for him as he finishes his school year.

Melania Trump may have participated not enough during the campaign trail in 2016. But, CNN, recently, claimed that she has now become an "emerging force" within Donald Trump's campaign for the 2020 Presidential Election.

She, reportedly, did several fundraising events before the pandemic crisis. However, reports said that she did not respond to any of the queries about these events.