Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle had no disagreements about the latter's chosen tiara for her wedding day. As opposed to what the reports had alleged, Finding Freedom clarifies that there was no drama about it.

The book revealed, however, that Prince Harry had "frustrations" with the Queen's hairdresser, according to People. He, reportedly, felt that Angela Kelly was "dragging her feet" in helping the Duchess of Sussex for a hair trial with her chosen tiara.

As the Queen's hairdresser, Kelly had all the access to the royal's tiaras. Hence, she was "in charge" of bringing Meghan's chosen tiara for the hair trial before the wedding day.

The authors of the book, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, then, claimed that Queen Elizabeth had no "qualms" over the tiara nor the hair trial. In the end, though, everything, reportedly, went well, and the hair trial proceeded with no delays.

Meghan Markle wore the iconic Queen Mary Bandeau tiara for her wedding day. It was the same piece that Queen Mary wore on hers back in 1893, according to InStyle.

Both the Queen and the Duchess of Sussex, reportedly, picked the tiara ahead of the royal event. However, several British tabloids have claimed that this caused a rift between the two. As alleged, the British Monarch "rejected" what Meghan chose.

Traditionally, Queen Elizabeth loans tiaras to royal brides. Some of them include Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie, and the latest royal bride, Princess Beatrice. But, among all, it was the one with Meghan Markle that sparked dramas.

Despite the rumors, then, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up about how they chose it with the Queen, according to Town and Country. They revealed what happened when they went to Buckingham Palace for the selection of tiaras.

Meghan said that she was "very fortunate" having the opportunity to choose the bandeau tiara. She even, reportedly, described the day of the selection as "surreal."

Prince Harry chimed in and revealed that he "wholeheartedly" agreed with his wife's choice. In the end, he pointed out that it was an "incredible loan" by Queen Elizabeth.

Aside from disputing the tension between the Queen and the Duchess of Sussex, Finding Freedom also "touched" on Meghan's alleged feud with Kate Middleton. Similarly, the book clarifies that the two duchesses did not have any drama, at all.

However, the case is not the same for Prince Harry and Prince William. Reports noted that the book describes the story behind the decline of the royal siblings' relationship.