An upcoming book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle depicts their conflicts with the royal family and a royal expert claims that Queen Elizabeth II may likely be disappointed that her grandson didn't block its publication. 

Royal correspondent Richard Fitzwilliams said that Queen Elizabeth may be "annoyed" at her "selfish" grandson for doing nothing about the book, Finding Freedom. Though Prince Harry and and Meghan claimed they didn't collaborate with the authors or contribute to the book the couple is close enough to Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand to stop the release. 

Excerpts of Finding Freedom came out in People and The Times two weeks before its release and it is, apparently, opening up old wounds and damaging the royal family. Fitzwilliams said it was "painfully obvious" Harry could do something about the book since he is the royal who sues the news media for misreporting stories about him and his wife.  Yet, Prince Harry has not taken action on Finding Freedom

One of the damaging stories of Finding Freedom, apparently, revolves around how the royal offices throw each other under the bus. Royal courtiers at Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace are very loyal but this loyalty, also, brings out their competitiveness.

Scobie said, in the book, that when there's a negative story about Prince Charles, someone from Clarence House "throws a nugget" of intrigue about Prince William or Prince Harry to keep the other story out of the papers.  Prince Harry and Meghan have been victims of how the royal courtiers work but it's details like these that are, apparently, hurting the institution. 

The timing of the book's release amid a public health crisis is also another reason for the Queen's disappointment. Fitzwilliams believes that the monarch will see this book as the grumblings and whinings from her grandson.

However, Prince Harry and Meghan claimed, through their representatives, that Scobie and Durand are both independent royal correspondents who wrote the biography based on their own understanding. They said that they were never interviewed for the book but they didn't deny or confirm giving the authors access to their confidantes.  

Royal historian Kate Williams, on the other hand, said that Scobie and Durand were well-briefed by their sources. It certainly looks like they talked to Prince Harry and Meghan's inner circle because of the level of specific details in the book.