Gwyneth Paltrow has been grabbing headlines in the past few years because of her controversial brand, Goop. The wellness and lifestyle company has been facing criticisms for its products that are, allegedly, based on pseudoscience. In addition, its founder has been, reportedly, in a feud with several celebrities who also have their own lifestyle brand. 

For starters, Martha Stewart, who clearly not a big fan of Paltrow and her productsIn 2014, it was reported Stewart told Paltrow that she should shut up and stick to acting. Last year, the Iron Man actress, once again, took a subtle jab from Stewart

During an interview with Alex Rodriguez on his podcast The Corp, ARod asked Martha to compare what Paltrow is doing for her brand to what she did with hers. The Martha Stewart Living founder simply replied, "I don't follow Goop."

Then, there's Reese Witherspoon. The National Enquirer claimed Paltrow was outraged when she found out Witherspoon was planning to expand her clothing company, Draper James, into cookware. A source of the tabloid claimed Gwyneth was worried that Goop would be affected by Reese's move. 

The insider added Paltrow was worried because the Big Little Lies actress promoted her brand way more down to Earth than Goop. This, allegedly, prompted the Shakespeare in Love actress to wage war against Witherspoon but the latter doesn't mind it all. 

Paltrow was also, reportedly, feuding with Margot Robbie. Apparently, it all started when one of the shows that the Suicide Squad actress produces goes after Goop. 

According to OK! Magazine, Robbie's Hulu series Dollface poked fun at Goop Lab. The source of the tabloid claimed everyone on Margot's series knew that Paltrow's brand would take a jab in the show, starting with Kat Dennings' character working at a company called Woom, which many believed was a play on Gwyneth's brand.

The Shallow Hal actress, reportedly, got furious when she found out about Dollface and tired of people mocking her and Goop. Robbie, on the other hand, doesn't see anything wrong about her show. Instead, the Wolf of Wall Street actress, allegedly, though it's funny that Paltrow was taking it seriously. 

Gossip Cop checked in with Gwyneth's camp. Her rep denied the actress took offense about the Hulu series or was feuding with Robbie.