Shiedheda is, already, one of the major characters in The 100 season 7 after appearing as a recurring character in season 6. He is, also, known as the Dark Commander and, now, possessed the body of Russell Lightbourne, a member of the ancient Prime family.

Shiedheda's evil reputation precedes him, making him one of the most dangerous characters in The 100 season 7. Only a few people know that Russell is not exactly Russell and this could lead to more chaos now that the Dark Commander is in power.

The character was given the title Shiedheda because of his dark history. He killed his own Falmekeepers and uses Flame to convince new Commanders to be evil and kill people. Shiedheda is a secondary antagonist in the sixth installment before eventually becoming the main antagonist in the current season.

During the premiere of The 100 season 7, the character was resurrected in the body of Russell after downloading himself into the latter's Mind Drive and killed The Prime. In episode 5, his true identity was revealed and the chip was removed to prevent Sheidheda from being resurrected again.

Since the current installment serves as the series finale, fans could expect more intense battles coming along the way. Shiedheda has a clear plan, with seizing power being his top priority. Speaking to TVLine, JR Bourne discussed what viewers can expect from his character as the show comes to an end.

Bourne told the outlet that Shiedheda will continue having fun gaining power and support since the chip was taken out of his head. His needs and desire to be the Dark Commander again is back and he's going to have more fun this time around.

The character feels like he gains more freedom in his choices and he doesn't see himself losing. He revels whatever is coming on his way, even when other characters are presenting walls or obstacles to throw him off his game. Bourne revealed Shiedheda wanted to die honorable.

In addition, the actor shared his thoughts regarding his characters' new look. He said that he loves it and praised the hair and makeup team for doing an incredible job. He also revealed that Shiedheda would be fighting one eye and he's getting a "cool eye patch" as the battles continue in The 100 season 7.

When it comes to Shiedheda's epic fight with Indra, Bourne said there's too much for his character than just killing her. He respects and loves her, even though his idea of love is twisted. He added that having Indra at his side is more of a victory than killing her.

The 100 season 7 is airing every Wednesday on The CW.