Latin America continues to be among the worst-hit by COVID-19 infections with several of its countries firmly among the 10 most affected.

Colombia Passes 400,000 Infections

On Tuesday Colombia's health ministry confirmed the national infection toll had reached 410,453.

Bogota officials reported hospitals and intensive-care units were nearing capacity.

A nationwide lockdown has been in place since late March but Colombia has since allowed most businesses to reopen while others have been operating on a delivery-only basis.

Brazil's Parana in Discussions for Potential Vaccine Development

Brazil's Parana state is in talks to develop a coronavirus vaccine that Russia approved Tuesday.

Russia President Vladimir Putin said the vaccine passed quality and safety controls but the World Health Organization has yet to include it on its COVID-19 treatment list. The WHO includes only vaccines that have reached third phase clinical trials. Phase-3 trials involve human testing on multiple volunteers.

Parana's plan has already been criticized. The Pan American Health Organization said the vaccine should meet phase-2 and -3 requirements before being allowed to enter Brazil.

This week Brazil confirmed more than 3 million COVID-19 cases. As of Tuesday the country had 3,112,393 infections and 103,099 deaths.

Mexico Nears 500,000 Cases

In Mexico there were 6,686 additional confirmed coronavirus cases Tuesday bringing the national infection number to 492,522. With another 926 deaths fatalities were at 53,929.

Some wonder if the official count reflects the actual number of infected patients and deaths.

There are growing concerns about the country's economic reopening because of the rising infection rate and fatalities.

Bars Reopen After Economic Slump

Earlier this week multiple businesses reopened in Mexico City despite earlier warnings from world health experts about the consequences.

Among establishments to open are museums, public swimming pools, cinemas and some bars. While the number of customers and patrons will be limited, experts said it may be too early because the country is still trying to contain the virus. There were widespread layoffs at nightclubs and bars following the first COVID-19 case.

Greater Mexico City has the most confirmed coronavirus cases in the country.

Argentina Daily Infections Rise Again

Meanwhile, in Argentina, there are calls to re-implement strict movement controls as the country reported 7,043 new cases Tuesday. The national infection toll is 260,911.

The country passed 5,000 deaths Tuesday - raising concerns about the effect of easing restrictions.

Buenos Aires and its surrounding provinces remain the worst affected - in spite of the capital being under strict anticoronavirus restrictions since March.