Microsoft officially announced earlier today the release window of its next-generation gaming console. Fans have been speculating about the possible arrival date of the Xbox Series X. following a plethora of leaks and rumors, the tech giant confirmed today that the upcoming gaming console arrives this November.

Xbox Series X Arrival Confirmed

In an official blog post, Xbox announced that the much-awaited Xbox Series X arrives in November. Unfortunately, Microsoft only confirmed the release month, but it failed to provide the specific day of the console's arrival. It is highly likely that the Xbox Series X would arrive ahead of this year's Black Friday to leverage on the biggest shopping day in the American calendar.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood let slip that the next-gen console would arrive in November. A few days ago, a gamer shared on Twitter several images of the alleged Xbox Series X controller. The industry speculated that the console might arrive on November 5, 2020, based on the warranty date stated in the packaging of the alleged controller.

Xbox Series S

Although Microsoft already announced the release window of the Xbox Series X, fans are still waiting for the company's confirmation of the existence of the rumored Xbox Series S or Xbox Lockhart. Over the past months, leaks and rumors surrounding the other next-gen gaming console have been rife online. Data mining activities uncovered references to the said light version of the Xbox Series X.

A set of leaked images of the alleged Xbox Series X controller also mentioned the Xbox Series S. In the packaging; it states that the controller is compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Windows, and mobile. The leaked images of the controller also confirmed the possibility that aside from the lighter version of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft might be working on another color option for the console.

Other Details

Microsoft is anticipated to hold another event this August. Speculations about the said event were triggered when Xbox Boss Phil Spencer said in a recent interview that all questions related to the Xbox Series X would be answered in August. Some gaming enthusiasts are also expecting that Microsoft would finally launch the Xbox Series S at the said event.

Despite the official confirmation of the company on the arrival of the Xbox Series X, some fans are not happy since they are expecting that it would reveal the specific release date. Until now, Microsoft has not yet revealed the price of the Xbox Series X, and many are hoping that it might be announced at the console's August event.