The Trump administration is now actively attempting to close any loophole that still allows Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies to access American technologies. U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross mentioned on Monday that a nationwide crackdown will be implemented to fully cut Huawei's access to the country's semiconductor products.

In a televised interview, Ross acknowledged that the government was aware of "evasive measures" being undertaken by Huawei and some American companies following the imposition of sanctions against the Chinese company back in May. He added that Huawei has been going through third-party companies to access American technologies.

Ross exclaimed that the rules imposed by the Trump Administration made it very clear that Huawei was barred from using American Software and American fabrication equipment without a license. To shut down the loopholes, the Commerce Department has now added 38 non-U.S. companies that are known Huawei affiliates into the country's trade blacklist. Companies on the country's so-called Entity List will now be required to procure licenses prior to continuing their business with Huawei.

In a separate interview on Monday morning, President Donald Trump weighed in on the Commerce Department's latest move. Trump jokingly called Huawei as "Spy-Wei," a reference to accusations that the company was merely a tool used by the Chinese government to spy on other nations. Trump also added that the U.S. will continue to avoid dealing with countries that use Huawei's equipment, which includes the withholding of intelligence and technologies.

As of this week, the Commerce Department has about 153 non-U.S. Huawei affiliates on its Entity List. The agency plans to include other companies, found to be dealing directly or indirectly with Huawei, on its growing list.

U.S. lawmakers and politicians are continuing to express their opposition to Huawei's operations in the country, citing national security concerns as the main reason. The Justice Department at one point had even accused Huawei of scheming to steal U.S. intellectual properties.  Huawei has repeatedly denied all of the accusations against it. Chinese officials have condemned the United States' actions against the Chinese company, calling it nothing more than a ploy to hinder China's growing technological dominance and to prop up its own agendas.