A disease like diabetes needs responsible management especially when it comes to food choices. It is always a great idea to know what's in your food to ensure that it does not spike your blood sugar levels. 

Once diagnosed with diabetes, carbs are the first thing most people cut from their diet. This is because carbs do not have a good reputation and are not seen as safe. The argument, however, is not entirely valid.

It's important to have carbs in your diet just like every other nutrient. The full shunning of it will lead to constipation and fatigue. What you need to do is add some healthier alternatives to the unhealthy sources of carbs. For your convenience we have mentioned safe carbohydrate sources that every diabetic patient needs.

Whole grains

Swap your highly processed white pasta, white rice and whole grain foods with bread. Whole grains, such as barley, quinoa, and whole-grain bread are good carbohydrate sources. They also have healthy fiber, calcium, vitamins , and minerals.

Sweet potatoes

The first thing that will come to anyone's mind when we say root vegetables is potatoes which are high in starch. Although not all of  root vegetables are equal. Others are good, with less carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, and carrots. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber content, which help regulate sugar in the body. Only, you must limit the number of sweet potatoes.


Many patients with diabetes fear fruits will spike their blood sugar levels. But it is not true. Fruits contain natural sugar and are a source of healthy carbs. It is also high in vitamins and minerals, as well. So don't say fruits. Select nutritious choices, such as apples, bananas, berries, and grapes. Just make sure not to go overboard.


Oatmeal makes an excellent choice for breakfast. Combined with fiber and other essential nutrients, oatmeal will keep you fuller for a longer period of time. You can have whatever you want, be it sweet or salty.


Lentils are nutritious and rich in nutrients such as protein, fiber, potassium, and various vitamin types. They do contain some amount of carbohydrates, but they are safe and have no negative effects on your blood sugar level. Also, lentils are helpful in controlling blood pressure, which is widespread among patients with diabetes.

If you suspect you have diabetes, it's best to consult with a doctor so you're advised with the right diet and prescribed the proper treatments. Being knowledgeable of what to eat helps.