Princess Anne's daughter-in-law, Autumn Phillips, has no plans of moving out of Gatcombe Park. She will continue to live in the same estate with her ex-husband Peter Phillip despite their separation in February.

According to Hello, Autumn is staying put in Gatcombe Park for the sake of their daughters, Savannah, 9, and Isla, 7. The ex-couple, however, is apparently living in separate buildings within the estate instead of sharing the same home. 

Autumn is originally from Canada but going back to her homeland won't suffice since she needs to be near her daughters. Although her happily ever after with Peter ended, the two exes continue to hang out at royal events.

Weeks following their announcement, Peter and Autumn were seen together with Princess Anne at the Cheltenham Racecourse. However, Autumn was no longer wearing her wedding ring but she was seen chatting with her ex.

Sources close to the couple said that their split wasn't a shock to the royal family. Prior to announcing their separation, they had informed Queen Elizabeth of their plans of sharing custody of their daughters. Autumn's family in Canada were also briefed of their current state before the ex-couple went public with the end of their marriage.  

During their marriage, Peter apparently spent most of his working week in a flat in Kensington Palace and then he'd travel to his mother's estate for the weekend with his wife and kids. Some alluded that he might have strayed from his marriage just like his father, Mark Phillips. However, sources also said that Autumn was a "bit of a party girl" before and during her marriage to Peter and loved to have cocktails every time.

Their split, however, didn't grab headlines as much as Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to step back from the royal family. The ex-couple didn't create much controversy as rumors that Prince William was having problems with his marriage to Kate Middleton also cropped up at the same time as the Phillips' troubles. 

According to royal experts, it likely helped that Princess Anne didn't raise Peter and Zara (Phillips Tindall) under the royal spotlight. They didn't have royal titles so they grew up with less rigid protocols. 

Hence, Peter's marital issues became more low-key compared to Prince William and Prince Harry's life. Incidentally, Peter is the Queen's first grandchild so his split with Autumn still had an impact on the monarch as this was the first divorce among her grandchildren.