China will introduce a policy to formulate an international protocol for data protection as part of plans to foster multilateralism in the region at a time when some nations are engaging in "bullying tactics," it said Tuesday.

The new plan was announced by China State Councilor Wang Yi. A month ago the U.S. said it was getting rid of "dubious" China apps under its "Clean Network" initiative.

China has drafted a series of directives intended to keep foreign countries from accessing information stored domestically as it works to contradict America's allegations that social-media apps such as TikTok and WeChat are conduits for information leakage with the China's Communist Party.

Based on a copy of his speech released by China's Foreign Ministry, Wang said crafting a decree of international policies on the safeguarding of sensitive data was crucial because it showed the determination and values of the interests of all nations.

China and the U.S. are in a spat over issues including technology, the coronavirus and world trade. The initiative calls for concerned parties to steer clear of surveillance of other governments or illicitly amassing information of foreign nationals under the guise of information technology.

The recommendation strengthens China's vision of data independence - or regulating the flow of information across boundaries, a concept being slowly embraced as doubts over national security grow.

Under the new global initiative, China will request nations manage data security in an objective and "evidence-based manner." The proposed policy calls for keeping a transparent, safe and steady supply link for data and communications technology, the foreign ministry said.

International data security measures that reflect and treasure the hopes and interests of all countries "should be attained on the grounds of universal participation by all concerned," Wang said.