If you're tired of paying big subscription rates to join a gym that you despise - or you simply don't have time to work out - consider one of these things. They'll help you get a relaxing workout in your own house, so when you're finished, they're compact enough to put away.

Here are your home fitness essentials:

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is a must-need, especially if you have hard floors. A simple yoga mat that rolls back up for storage is important for whatever exercise you're doing. Try to find one that fits your style, if you want to leave it out.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is one of the easiest ways to get a cardiovascular workout, hands down. It instantly raises your heart rate and stimulates your arms, back, legs, and core as well. And a rope folds up super small, making it perfect for anyone with little storage space or anyone traveling a great deal.

If you're someone who doesn't have enough high ceilings - or maybe you have grumpy neighbors downstairs - indoor jumping may not work for you. But it's a pretty quick way to get into a decent workout if you do.

Resistance bands

One of the most popular items of workout equipment you can purchase is the resistance bands. With resistance bands, you can target the whole body and imitate any movement movements depending on the system. You should buy a pack that contains bands with varying degrees of resistance, so based on what you are doing, you can choose lighter ones or harder ones.


Many people would tell you that kettlebells aren't necessary. A number of kettlebell exercises can be performed using a dumbbell equally. However, some kettlebell movements are special, and some movements perform either best or are more demanding with a kettlebell.

Kettlebells are a worthy investment in your fitness routines with the versatility they will bring. Look for large smooth handled kettlebells without a painted covering.


The workouts you can do with dumbbells are almost infinite, so they automatically validate their purchase. Look for hex-shaped dumbbells with black rubber coating - these are the best and most convenient to work out with.

Buy 3-5 sets in different weight ranges.

Stereo system 

Seriously, when you're working out, you gotta have some bangers.

You could create hundreds of excellent exercises for yourself with these things and a bit of time spent on the internet. If you can't buy all of them at once, start building your gym slowly, one piece of equipment at a time.