Rumors about the "God of War" sequel started to circulate again following its game director's recent activity on Twitter. The "God of War" honcho shared an image of Kratos' back on his account. He also tweeted something, which had several fans hoping about the sequel's imminent announcement.

Earlier today, Cory Balrog tweeted an "Indiana Jones" GIF. The subtitle highlights Indi's classic line, saying, "they're digging in the wrong place." Many believed that the game director was teasing about the "God of War" sequel debut. Some others think the official reveal could happen at the next PlayStation Showcase event happening on September 16.

However, Barlog later sent a subtweet saying, "it was Venus all along." Bewildered fans were wondering how the tweets are related to each other. Some even speculated that Venus could be about another game Barlog was talking about in November.

The "God of War" director may be just tweeting about the recent news claiming that scientists may have found possible evidence of life on the planet Venus. The line, digging in the wrong place could be about scientists' plan of colonizing Mars where until now no sign of life has been found.

Aside from the director's recent tweet, fans have been speculating about his recent retweet. The "God of War" director shared several images showing Kratos' back. This had several fans speculating if the game's much-awaited sequel might be announced soon. At the time of this writing, nothing is concrete about the "God of War" sequel. These recent speculations were products of fans' wishful thinking that the game's sequel could arrive soon. And we can't blame them. "God of War" is among the most successful video games to release a few years ago. After bagging multiple game of the year recognitions and achieving an unprecedented commercial success, fans are excited to see its sequel. The first game took five years of development before it was released to the public.

It was just a couple of years ago that the game was released and it would take some time before the gaming studio could release the "God Of War" sequel if it is indeed working on one. But, it is also possible that the official reveal of the "God of War" sequel could happen soon.

With the impressive amount of demand for a new "God of War" title, the game developer somehow understands how much gamers want a sequel. Additionally, there is an extra story content that was not yet explored in the game. Since these are mere speculations, take these with a pinch of salt.