BTS is trying hard to learn English so they can communicate better with their international fans. Even though the boys have improved a lot they remain more comfortable talking in Korean.

International ARMYs understand this and aren't complaining when BTS speak and write in their own language. After all, fans outside South Korea have watched and supported the group's YouTube channel without subtitles for years.

But just because international ARMYs understand the situation, that doesn't mean they don't want to know what BTS is saying. That's when Google Translate comes in handy.

Unfortunately, Google Translate isn't always 100% accurate. The autotranslation service is supposed to make communication easier. However, there are times when it and the original text don't match - leaving people even more confused.

BTS members have had their share of Google Translate slips. The most recent victim was Jimin.

Jimin took to Twitter to wish RM a happy birthday Sept. 12. The BTS star wrote: "Happy birthday to our Namjoonie. Have many blessings and don't be sick #JIMIN #MoniBirthdayCongrats."

But according to Google Translate, Jimin was greeting a "boyfriend." The translation read: "Happy birthday to my boyfriend. Be blessed and don't get sick." (Check out the post here).

What made the translation even crazier is the fact that ARMYs have been wondering if RM is engaged. The BTS leader was spotted wearing a ring on his ring finger. And, he was caught taking it off and putting in his pocket. Many wondered if it was just a trendy accessory then why did he feel the need to hide it?

Some ARMYs even suggested that RM's fiancée may be J-Hope's sister. The "Ego" rapper's older sibling has already said she's getting married next year. But the identity of her man has been kept a secret - but many assume it's RM.

While ARMYs are still busy putting together all the pieces about RM's possible engagement, Jimin suddenly posted the birthday greeting for his "boyfriend." Case closed, according to Google Translate.

This is not the first time Google Translate has done Jimin a dirty. Back in July, the "Filter" singer shared two photos of himself sporting a new hairstyle. He captioned it: "This was JiJinJung. Good night, I love you." But the translation was about a weather report: "It was an earthquake well. Good night. Love it." (Check out the post here).