Prince Philip has to face the media again after years of living away from the royal spotlight. He retired from his royal post in 2017 and relocated to Sandringham to enjoy his retirement.

In the coming months, however, reports believe that the Duke of Edinburgh will face "pressures" from the media as his 100th birthday approaches. The speculations come after sources claimed that Prince Andrew will not get an invite on his father's upcoming milestone.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Nigel Cawthorne said that the Queen's husband will find it "displeasing" that he will need to "play down" the Duke of York's participation on his birthday next year. He claimed that the 99-year-old royal has remained "extremely fond" of his second son despite knowing that he is a "poison" to the Royal Family's survival.

The royal author continued that the decision to cut Prince Andrew from Prince Philip's birthday celebration is about the "survival" of the British Monarchy. Hence, it will be, indeed, a tough decision for him considering that he knows of his son's impact.

Cawthorne added that it will be an "enormous blow" for the senior royal when the event started and one of his sons is not by his side. In the end, though, he claimed that it is now a matter of time when the Duke of York loses his HRH title.

The discussions about Prince Andrew's "inclusion" emerged when insiders told The Sun that the organizers received a "warning from up high." The warning, reportedly, centers on the scope of the Duke of York's participation in the upcoming royal event next year, adding that his presence must be "as little as possible."

The same source argued, however, that this will be very "difficult" for Prince Philip, as well as the rest of the British Royal Family. The reason being is that he is a son of the Queen and her Consort, and they cannot exclude him out entirely.

But, other sources pointed out that this might be similar to what happened with Princess Beatrice's wedding last July. The Duke of York attended the event and even had an important role. However, the public did not see him in the photos as they only featured the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, alongside the newly married pair.

Reports, later on, revealed that there are no confirmations yet about Prince Philip's birthday celebration next year. The Royal Collection Trust, also, told the same thing when asked about the issue.

Several publications, then, recalled that Prince Andrew stepped back from his royal duties following his "disastrous" interview with Emily Maitlis. In hopes to clear his name and set the record straight, he, instead, received a huge backlash from the public.