The annual September event of Apple, dubbed "Time Flies, conveyed five key points to everyone. Executives at Apple took turns in making announcements during Tuesday's big event.

A range of important new products, including the new Apple Watch and its cheaper version, took center stage. While the annual September event, which this year has a tagline of "Time Flies," consisted of revelations about new products and enhancements, it also imparted important messages not only to Apple users but for everyone watching and listening. Observers grouped them into five key points.

An Apple Watch Feature That Can Help Everyone

Apple's September "Time Flies" event opened with Tim Cook, the chief executive officer of the Cupertino-based company, who recognized the impact and changes brought about by the coronavirus outbreak. Cook lauded the ability of everyone to adapt to the new normal. One feature that stood out with the Apple Watch is its blood oxygen sensor. A rapid 5-second test provides you with an early warning indicating something is not right with your respiratory system. The message here is very clear. The device can provide crucial insights into your overall health.

Changes With iPad 8 and iPad Air 4

Cook also expounded on the iPad 8 and iPad Air 4 enhancements during the September "Time Flies" event. Implementing actual changes and real upgrades to the devices seem to be the second message in the five key points Apple conveyed. Cook said this year's modifications feature dramatically redesigned iPad Air 4 with a larger screen and with an Apple A14 processor chip. While the aesthetic changes in the new iPad 8 are not as dramatic as iPad Air 4, its change is within the device in the form of an A12 Bionic chip, which Cook says can boost its performance.

The Advanced Apple Silicon Processor

Another important message that Cook imparted during Apple's September "Time Flies" event is about consolidating processing power in one chip. Regarded as one of the biggest announcements of Apple, Cook said that the Apple 14 processor powers the iPad Air 4 and will likely be the heart of iPhone 12 and some other iOS devices in the future. The chip features a 5-nanometer processor and loaded with 11.8 billion transistors, improving its performance.

Expanded Service

The announcements during Apple's September "Time Flies" event did not center only on hardware, which clearly conveyed the message that the company cares. Cook announced that the company is introducing the Apple One bundles, which merge existing services at discounted prices. The goal here is to let families enjoy the Apple services most important to them.

Virtual Launches

While Apple did not specifically mention it, the fifth of the five key points that Apple imparted during its September "Time Flies" event is that everyone should try to adapt to virtual events, like the one they just did. In-person product launches are no longer safe and practical and they could do just as well through virtual launches. In short, Apple is telling everyone to try adapting to the new normal because that is how the world is going to be from now on.