Melania Trump's relationship with Ivanka Trump has continued to become the center of many allegations. The majority of the unofficial biographies of the First Lady seemingly focus on the rumored tension between the two women.

In her most recent work, Stephani Winston Wolkoff shines a light on the real nature of the two female Trumps' relationship. She revealed several details of the alleged friction between them.

Following the release of the book titled, Melania and Me, the First Lady's "former friend" sat down in an interview for BBC's Newsnight. She discussed the tense-filled relationship of Donald Trump's daughter and wife, adding that the First Daughter wanted to "usurp" her step-mother, "in every way."

Wolkoff continued and asserted that Ivanka Trump is a "princess" who wanted to become a Queen, according to the Daily Express. She, also, alleged that the U.S. President's "heir apparent" hindered Melania Trump from any progress, either an initiative or any movement that she plans to do.

She argued, however, that the First Lady did several things, as well, to her stepdaughter. The former White House aide wrote in her book that Melania tried to keep Ivanka out of the "best photographs" during Donald Trump's inauguration. She, later on, added that Melania Trump referred to the First Daughter, alongside her allies, as "snakes."

Several publications recalled what happened to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and why her friendship to Melania Trump ended. The two women shared a close relationship even before the Trumps entered the White House.

Before the inauguration in 2017, the First Lady hired the help of her "best friend" to lead the organization of the special event. A year later, however, they faced controversies about the costs of the inauguration.

Wolkoff noted in her latest material that she became a "scapegoat" for the First Family, resulting in the downfall of her friendship with Ivanka Trump's stepmother. Amid all the claims, though, the East Wing released a statement in response to the allegations and "clapped back" at the former White House staff.

Meanwhile, Mary Jordan, author of The Art of Her Deal, seemingly wrote similar claims about Melania Trump's relationship to Ivanka Trump. She alleged in her book, which dropped earlier than Melania and Me, that the First Daughter has become the source of the friction between the First Couple.

Jordan, also, claimed that Donald Trump's eldest daughter tried to rename the "First Lady's office" into the "First Family's office." This did not, reportedly, sit well with his wife and "vetoed" the move, according to The Guardian.