Apple Watch Series 6 showcases a host of new features, which include blood oxygen sensing capability and bright new colors.

Apple officially announced Tuesday, during its September "Time Flies" event, the launch of Apple Watch Series 6. Aside from coming in bright new colors, the smart wearable also features several new enhancements, and leading the pack is its blood oxygen sensors. Tuesday's launch marked the next generation of the Apple Watch Series which includes the cheaper Apple Watch SE.

Apart from its bright new colors, perhaps the most notable new feature of the Apple Watch Series 6 is its blood oxygen sensors or the capability to detect if there is something amiss with your blood's oxygen levels. This feature allows users to monitor their overall fitness. Using both red and infrared lights, as well as other sensors, to measure the light that reflects from the blood, the smartwatch's system can determine its oxygen levels.

The smartwatch then uses the Blood Oxygen app's custom algorithm to provide either periodic background monitoring, including during sleep time or on-demand measurements. According to Apple, it has partnered with scientific researchers to study how the Apple Watch Series 6, which come in bright new colors, can generate data using its blood oxygen sensors and use the information for future health applications, as well as in the early detection of signs of respiratory problems like COVID-19.

Another notable feature of the Apple Watch Series 6 apart from its bright new colors and blood oxygen sensors is its updated Apple Silicon S6 chipset. Apple said that the chipset features a dual-core processor that is based on the A13 Bionic and is capable of delivering up to 20% better performance compared to earlier S6 chipsets. The new smartwatch also features an always-on display, though when compared to the previous model, Apple says that the Apple Watch Series 6 display is 2.5 times brighter outdoors whenever the wrist of the wearer is down. Engineers at Apple also made modifications to its battery so it will have improved battery life and faster-charging speeds. Apple reveals it can achieve full charge status in only an hour and a half.

The Apple Watch Series 6 also has a built-in altimeter for those who love to hike or work out in elevated areas. The always-on sensor provides real-time elevation data to the wearer using an updated barometric altimeter combined with information from nearby Wi-Fi networks and global positioning systems. Along with the bright new colors and blood oxygen sensors, the new smartwatch promises a new level of experience to the wearer.