The Apple Family Setup, which includes "Apple Cash Family," allows kids and elderly relatives to take advantage of many Apple Watch features like Apple Pay.

Family Setup, a new feature released after Apple's September "Time Flies" event as part of watchOS 7, allows elderly relatives, kids, and others to access the many Apple Watch capabilities, such as the "Apple Cash Family" and Apple Pay, without a need for a paired iPhone. The new feature is compatible with Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch SE, and later models with cellular capability and active carrier plans.

The primary user can then utilize their iPhone's Watch app to set up an Apple Watch for another member of their family, as well as to manage the family member's access to its various capabilities and features like using Apple Pay when buying things online. Under the Family Setup, the primary user can receive reports on the Apple Watch activity of the family member, including whether or not they used the "Apple Cash Family" feature.

The "Apple Cash Family" is one of the notable features of Family Setup. It lets the primary user or parent load money securely into their kid's Apple Watch, which then allows the child to buy items in online stores that accept Apple Pay. Parents can also opt to receive notifications every time their kids make a payment and also view the purchases of their child using the Wallet app on their own iPhone.

Primary users can enable the Apple Cash Family for up to five family members, allowing each to use the Apple Pay feature on their Apple Watch to purchase online. Parents can transfer a limited amount of funds to their kids, which they can then use at their discretion without worrying about the cash being stolen or lost. Another adult in the Family Setup group can share with the supervision or oversight functions.

Parents or adult members with oversight function in Family Setup can view the activity of other members on their Apple Watch, like when they are using the Apple Cash Family feature. The members with oversight functions can also receive notifications of purchases or person-to-person payments when other members use Apple Pay. These upper-tier members can also restrict the access of lower-tier members to Apple Cash balances if the need arises, as well as limit who the funds are sent to.

The new Family Setup feature also has many other helpful tools that parents and kids can use. It has Schooltime and Downtime options that allow members with oversight functions to set when and what kids can do on their Apple Watch. This gives them control over when kids can use the Apple Cash Family features like Apple Pay.

There are also other handy tools like the kid-focused Activity rings and many more. For elderly members, Family Setup allows them to use important tools like fall detection, health features, and automatic emergency calling without an iPhone.