Netizens were, at first, thrilled to see the contents of Kylie Jenner's bag. But, it changed after watching the video of the Kylie Cosmetics founder entirely. Many slammed Jenner for turning what was supposed to be a fun video into an instant advertisement of her and her family members' products. 

Kylie shared on her official YouTube channel a video of her itemizing the content of her black Birkin bag. It turned out that many products on her bag were made by her or members of her KarJenner family. 

Some items were also haven't launched yet. This made fans more skeptical about Jenner's real intention of sharing a "what's in my bag" video. Many said the video is basically an ad for her upcoming products, instead of featuring the things that Jenner can live without. 

The contents of Jenner's bag include a Kylie Skin hand sanitizer and scrunchies, which both aren't available in the market yet. A PR card for her hyaluronic acid serum was also in there. The product is officially set for launch on September 18. 

Jenner also carries around her Kylie Skin's lip balms, sunscreen, and wipes. The youngest in the famous family also makes sure that she always has her "KYLIE" branded face mask, the Kylie edition of Uno, and her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit on hand. 

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian's products on Kylie's bag were her favorite perfume from KKW Fragrance and a SKIMS nude face mask. The 23-year-old entrepreneur has the Kylie x Kendall Jenner blotting powder as well and a camera that Kendall got her on her most recent birthday. 

The only things that didn't have the trademark "Kylie Skin" on her bag were her wallet, a charger her assistant made her, a pack of gum, applesauce for her daughter Stormi, her glasses, and the plush peapod. 

One fan commented that it feels like the video was an eight-minute ad of Kylie and her sisters' products. Another suggested that Jenner should have changed the clip title to "promoting my brand for 8 minutes straight." Another mocked Jenner by saying she should have also included Rob Kardashian's sock in her bag. 

Some fans of Kylie's defended the Keeping Up With The Kardashians. One said it wasn't surprising that many things on Jenner's bag were from her own brand or her sisters'. The fan said Kylie has produced almost all of the items that every woman usually put in their bag and it is expected that she wants to flex all of it. 

The video has garnered over 2.6 million views and almost 17,000 comments as of writing. However, the "Like" and "Dislike" buttons have been deactivated.