Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip left Windsor Castle for their annual summer break in August. While the British Monarch usually spends her time in Balmoral Castle much longer, they already left the Scottish residence earlier today, according to the Daily Express.

This marked the end of the break, as well as the return of the Queen to her duties and responsibilities. However, she will still spend time with the Duke of Edinburgh at Sandringham before relocating back to her Berkshire property.

Sources said that they will stay in the Norfolk estate for two weeks. A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace, later on, confirmed that the Queen will continue her work in Windsor Castle next month.

Earlier this week, sources told People that Prince Philip will not join Queen Elizabeth when she returns to Windsor Castle. As reported, the 99-year-old royal, who retired from his royal post in 2017, will remain in Sandringham at Wood Farm.

The insiders, then, added that the royal staff is creating a "special bubble" for the royal couple that will allow them to, "safely," visit each other. Reports, also, said that the British Monarch will visit Buckingham Palace from time to time, where she will hold "selected" engagements.

Despite the continued speculations, though, recent claims emerged stating that Prince Philip will not remain in Sandringham in October. Sources told Mirror that the Duke of Edinburgh will still be with Queen Elizabeth when she returns to her Berkshire property next month.

The unnamed insiders explained that the decision comes after the "staffing issues" as there is not enough staff to run "two bubbles." Others, later on, pointed out that this plan makes "far more sense" since the two senior royals will still be in the same residence.

The sources argued, however, that Prince Philip preferred to stay in Norfolk after their stay in Balmoral Castle. But, due to the issues surrounding security and safety amid the pandemic crisis, this, reportedly, forced the Duke of Edinburgh to go with Queen Elizabeth.

This is allegedly the reason why the royal couple will move to Sandringham first before they relocate back to Windsor Castle. The two-week stay in Norfolk will be a "compromise," especially on the Prince's part. 

Several publications noted that the plans for the royal couple's relocation may still change in the next few weeks. A spokesperson stated that the plans will remain "under review" and subject to all "relevant guidance," as well as advice.