Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth had their first "war" upon learning the death of Princess Diana. In his book, Charles: The Man Who Will Be King, Howard Hodgson broke down the details of what happened between Buckingham Palace and St James's Palace, according to the Daily Express.

The royal biographer said that the two royals did not agree with what action they should take following the tragedy that dawned upon the British Royal Family. He said that the Prince of Wales "revolted" against the Queen's will, and ended up avoiding each other.

Hodgson continued that Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth never addressed each other "face to face." They insisted on communicating through their staff at that time.

While the Prince of Wales leaned towards giving Princess Diana a state funeral. His mother preferred a more "minimalist service" because she was no longer a royal.

A tension, also, occurred when the future King insisted on visiting the hospital even before the announcement of the Princess's death. The royal biographer claimed that the British Monarch "resisted" to her son's wishes.

Despite his mother's refusal, the Wales Prince was, reportedly, going to fly to Paris. He even considered a scheduled flight from Aberdeen because Queen Elizabeth allegedly refused to have him use the royal plane.

Later on, though, Howard Hodgson said that the British Monarch gave her permission to send Prince Charles to Paris. This came after her private secretary Robert Janriv "challenged" her. 

Aside from the tension that happened before leaving for Paris, the same book alleges that the Prince of Wales also "exploded" on his way back to the United Kingdom. As it happened, he discovered that the late Princess' body would go to the Fulham mortuary before her official funeral.

But, the royal-born Prince insisted that her former wife would go to the Royal Chapel at St James' Palace. He even said that he does not care who made the initial decisions.

In the end, Hodgson revealed that Prince Charles did everything he could for the funeral of Princess Diana. These included the state funeral, the pageantry, as well as the cortege, and even the "semi-start occasion," which was watched by millions of people across the globe.

In the case of Prince Harry and Prince William, E! reported that the senior royals did not immediately inform the young princes about their mother's passing. The royals let them sleep through the night, and broke the news in the morning.