Ford releases a new video showcasing its all-electric F-150 pickup truck. Apart from that, the automaker also shared some interesting details about the upcoming truck. Ford aims to release the all-electric F-150 in mid-2022 to land in the growing industry segment.

The exact specifications of the All-electric F-150 are still unknown, but Ford recently spilled some exciting and fresh information. According to the automaker, the upcoming electric pickup truck will house dual electric motors, all-wheel drive, and more. The company is also anticipating that the electric pickup would feature more torque and horsepower than any F-150 available in the market today.

Moreover, Ford's electric F-150 promises to feature the fastest acceleration alongside heavy trailer towing support. In the past, the industry has seen the prototype of the all-electric F-150 towing a million pounds, and it seems that it could tow some more. The automaker also talked about the potential price advantage of the upcoming pickup.

Currently, nothing is revealed about the price of the All-electric Ford F-150 pickup truck. However, considering that electric vehicles require less maintenance than the standard gas engine, that means the lowest expected lifetime overall cost of operation over the company's F-series' trucks. Future owners of the electric pickup can expect over 40% savings over time.

Aside from the price, Ford mentioned that the F-150's bed would feature a mobile power generation option that transforms the pickup into an outlet. The electric F-150 is anticipated to house more juice to power things considering its sizable batteries onboard. Like its rival Tesla, Ford will roll out upgrades to its new electrical architecture for the pickup via over the air updates.

Earlier, Ford announced that the all-electric F-150 pickup truck would be developed at its new manufacturing facility at Rouge Center in Dearborn, MI. At present, the automaker is spending around $700 million for renovations to prepare the site for the production of the electric F-150. The company aims to provide over 300 new jobs centered on various tasks like hybrid/all-electric manufacturing and battery assembly.

The all-electric Ford F-150 is slated to arrive in 2022. On the other hand, Tesla's Cybertruck and general Motors' electric Hummer pickup are set to arrive in the late part of 2021. Electric vehicle startup Rivian is also planning to release the R1 pickup truck in the early part of 2021 alongside its electric SUV.

Essentially, Ford's target release for the electric F-150 means that it will hit the road later than its rival electric pickup trucks.