You can easily set up Apple Cash Family so your kids and teens can start using Apple Cash to make online purchases on their devices.

Apple has unveiled the Apple Cash Family, a feature that allows parents to securely transfer funds to their kids or teens' iOS devices so they can start making purchases in selected online stores. The feature is perfect for those who are using Family Setup on their Apple Watches.

Under the new Apple Family Setup feature, parents can easily set up Apple Cash for family members who are below 18 years old. This means kids and teens who are members of the Apple Family Setup can now start making purchases online, as well as receive funds through the iMessage. At the moment, however, Apple Cash Family is available only in the United States.

The primary user is the only one who can set up Family Sharing for members of the group to use the Apple Cash Family feature. There must be at least one member of the family group who is below 18 years old to use the feature. Kid and teen members also need a compatible Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad running the latest watchOS, iOS, or iPadOS versions, so they need to ensure their devices are updated.

As long as you already have your Family Group properly set up, getting everything ready for Apple Cash Family is a quick and easy process. Before you begin, make sure you have both the primary user's iPhone and your kids' or teens' iOS devices.


On the primary user's iPhone, tap on Settings and then tap on the name. Near the bottom, you will find the Family Sharing option, tap it, and then select Apple Cash. Choose the Child or Teen option and afterward tap Set Up Apple Cash. Follow the on-screen instructions to properly set up your Apple Cash Family feature.

Monitoring your kids' or teens' Apple Cash Family online transactions is equally easy. Just open the Wallet app on your iPhone and then tap the Apple Cash Card option. Then tap the button with the " " label and scroll down to the list of members. Tap the name of your child and then tap Transactions to view your kids' or teens' latest and previous online transactions.

Before adding family members and enjoying the benefits of the Apple Cash Family, you need to set up Family Sharing first. On your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, go to Settings and then tap your name. When you select the Set Up Family Sharing option, it will walk you through the entire process of correctly setting up the Family Sharing feature.

To add members to your Family Sharing group and enjoy the advantages offered by the Apple Cash Family feature, bring out your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and go to Settings. Tap your name and then choose the Family Sharing option. Tap the Add Family Member item and enter that member's Apple ID email. Select the delivery method of the invitation, whether you want to notify them through Messages or if you prefer they enter their ID and password from your own device. On-screen instructions for you to follow will then appear on the screen.