The highly anticipated Hacker battle royale class in "Call of Duty Mobile" is finally arriving this week, according to a new leak.

"Call of Duty Mobile" Season 10 is now live, offering players fresh content like the Pine map in the multiplayer mode. Aside from this, industry insider DannyIntel shared on Twitter that the Hacker battle royale class is finally arriving on October 2. The tipster did not offer other details about the upcoming class, aside from its release date.

The Hacker battle royale class was first introduced at the Season 9 trial server of "Call of Duty Mobile." Based on the game's roadmap, the BR class was initially slated to arrive by the end of September. But, if the leak is to be believed and judging by the arrival of new content in the game, it seems that the much-awaited class is arriving in the first week of October.

For the uninitiated, the Hacker battler royale class is one of the most anticipated game contents because of the overpowering ability it could give the player. It allows "Call of Duty Mobile" players to hack into the opponents' gadgets. When this particular class is active, opponents' abilities like EMP drones, airborne, and more are nulled.

The Hacker battle royale class in "Call of Duty Mobile" also blocks enemies' mini-maps. Through this, opponents become momentarily blind. It is worth mentioning that when the Hacker class releases, not all players can use it right away. Like all other classes in "Call of Duty Mobile," players must unlock the Hacker class first by completing a featured event, usually available for a limited time.

Meanwhile, "Call of Duty Mobile" is anticipated to celebrate its anniversary in October. Rumors have it that instead of celebrating the game's birthday in the mobile gaming platform on October 1, the anniversary update might arrive between October 1 and 15. The anniversary update is anticipated to align with Halloween and the game's Season 11 update.

A recent leak claimed that players could get a glimpse of the game's Halloween content on October 3. The team behind "Call of Duty Mobile" did not release a test server for Season 11, triggering more speculations that it is cooking something huge for players. The rumored Night Mode did not make it in Season 10, so it is possible that fans might enjoy it in Season 11. The upcoming season might also introduce the much-awaited Zombies mode, which could perfectly jive with the Halloween celebration when the update drops.