President Donald Trump took Tuesday's wild and widely-maligned debate with Democratic Party presidential candidate to again condemn China for unleashing COVID-19 onto the world.

Tuesday's first face-to-face debate between both men is being roundly condemned as a shameful farce, and the worst presidential debate ever, due largely to Trump's wanton and ill-mannered attacks on Biden.

A CNN opinion poll after the debate show six in 10 respondents saying Biden won the debate. Only three in 10 of those polled said Trump came out on top.

About two-thirds said Biden's answers were more truthful than Trump's (65% Biden to 29% Trump). Sixty-nine percent called Biden's attacks on Trump fair while just 32% said Trump's attacks were fair.

It's against this backdrop Trump again assailed China for COVID-19. Nine minutes into the debate saw Trump claim Biden "didn't want me to ban China, which was heavily infected. You didn't want me to ban Europe."

Twenty-one minutes into the debate now marked by Trump's constantly interrupting Biden saw Trump directly assail China.

"It's China's fault (COVID-19)," said Trump.

"It should have never happened. They stopped it from going in, but it was China's fault. And, by the way, when you talk about numbers, you don't know how many people died in China. You don't know how many people died in Russia. You don't know how many people died in India. They don't exactly give you a straight count, just so you understand."

Trump then used China to bash Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, who Trump has repeatedly and falsely claimed pocketed millions of dollars in bribes from friends in China, Russia and Ukraine.

"Once you became vice president he (Hunter) made a fortune in Ukraine, in China, in Moscow and various other places," claimed Trump.

To which Biden replied, "That is not true."

Hunter Biden was a board member of BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management, a company he co-founded in 2013. This private equity fund invested Chinese capital in tech startups like DiDi, a Chinese car hailing app, now known as Didi Chuxing Technology Co. This company is now the largest of its kind in China.

In September 2019, Trump falsely claimed Hunter Biden "walk[ed] out of China with $1.5 billion in a fund" and earned "millions" of dollars from the BHR deal.

He publicly called on China to investigate Hunter Biden's business activities there while his father was vice president. Hunter Biden "did not receive any compensation for being on BHR's board of directors," said Biden's lawyer. Neither did Biden receive any return on his equity share in BHR.