Artie Villasanta

Artie Villasanta
Senior Reporter
Arthur Dominic "Artie" Villasanta. He has been a writer for the past eight years. Most of his writing has been about business, finance, politics and the military with a focus on the Western Nations and China.

The Latest

  • Biden Maintains Polling Lead Over Trump
    Joe Biden
    Polls still point to a Biden win over Trump on Nov. 3.
  • FBI Charges Eight In China Plot Forcing Chinese-Americans to Return to China
    The problem with Trump ...
    The FBI has filed criminal charges against Chinese citizens that allegedly intiminated some Chinese-Americans into returning to China against their will.
  • Russian Hackers Launch Ransomware Attack On US Hospitals
    Russian hackers
    "Multiple hospitals have already been significantly impacted by Ryuk ransomware and their networks have been taken offline,"
  • Vote 2020 Will Be The Biggest, Says U.S. Elections Project
    U.S. presidential election
    Seventy million Americans have already voted in the U.S. presidential election with six days to go before Election Day Nov. 3.
  • Iran Building On Destroyed Nuclear Site, Satellite Images Show
    UN International Atomic Energy Agency confirms Iran has started building a new centrifuge facility.
  • US, India Sign Military Agreement During Pompeo, Esper Trip
    Secretary of Defense Mark Esper
    "We stand shoulder-to-shoulder in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific for all, particularly in light of increasing aggression and destabilizing activities by China," said Esper.
  • China Retaliates Against U.S. News Media Companies
    Miker Pompeo
    Hit by the order were the China bureaus of ABC, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Minnesota Public Radio, the Bureau of National Affairs and Feature Story News.
  • Next Tesla Gigafactory Will Rise in U.S. Northeast
    Elon Musk
    Construction of the new U.S. manufacturing facility might begin in four to five years but no decision has been made.
  • UN, Politicians Hail PM Suga's Promise Of A Carbon-Neutral Japan By 2050
    Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
    Suga said Japan would divorce itself from coal-fired power plants and promote renewable energies.
  • Japan Won't Sign UN Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons
    The Atomic Bomb Dome at Hiroshima
    Signed by 84 countries and ratified or acceded to another 50 other countries the treaty is now a binding international accord.
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