You can not argue that at this point, work-from-home has become a culture. It is, however, blurring the distinction between our personal and professional lives, while we all wrestle with the reality of an unstable future because of this pandemic. Is it any wonder that burnout is being faced by all of us? People have been becoming increasingly vocal about the impact of the pandemic over the past few weeks, particularly on our mental health.

There is no question that prolonged stress has been triggered by this pandemic, but we need to take proactive action to keep ourselves mentally stable. And if you feel like you have hit the burnout point, then here are some ideas to help you cope with it:

Recognize that this is a natural reaction to an extraordinary circumstance

Some work past the evening and into the nights, whilst others run with a lack of job security by salary cuts. We've found ourselves overworked and moving on without rest as the distinction between our professional and personal spaces has blurred. Therefore, it's no wonder that when going through days when the future is unclear, we're completely exhausted and depressed.

In such a case, it is important to remember that burnout is a natural reaction to the amount of stress we are under right now. Doing so would encourage us to take action to help deal with it.

Take breaks throughout the day

Given that the distinction between private and professional is getting crossed, to refresh yourself, it is important to take brief breaks during the day. Make a cup of green tea for yourself, listen to your favorite tune, squeeze out a short yoga session, take a power nap, or just pick up the phone and chat with a colleague. Such short breaks will go a long way to ensuring that your mind remains fresh and that your job will be more effective.

Stick with a schedule

We were robbed of a set schedule by the coronavirus. All appears to be in flux, from our sleep cycle to mealtimes. This just adds to the feeling of chaos due to the pandemic that we've all been witnessing. Having a schedule, though, will restore the feeling in your life of semblance and consistency. You should resume the day with a home exercise session and ensure you follow the skincare regimen in the morning and set your meal timings.

Limit social media time

Social media is important to access important information and keep yourself updated about any further developments regarding this pandemic. However, social media is also flooded with sensationalized news and misinformation, which can contribute to stress. Hence, limit your social media use. Use it to stay connected with your loved ones and access news from verified websites only.

We're all going through a lot of stress, which is affecting our mental health and leading to burnout. And if you feel like you just can't handle it anymore, don't hesitate to speak with a professional.