Jungkook enjoys being active, which is why working out is not a hassle for him at all. While some of the BTS members would drag themselves to get their workout done, the Golden Maknae sees it as a part of his daily routine.

Because of that, Jungkook is one of the muscular members of BTS. While the “My Time” singer is still on the slender side, he is considered buff in Korean standard.

Now, Jungkook is reminding everyone that he is no longer the young, skinny boy during their rookie days. The 23-year-old singer and songwriter is known for wearing loose, baggy clothes during the group’s downtime, but his stage outfits are completely different.

BTS just finished its two-day online concert MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, and the boys gifted fans with amazing performances. But BTS concerts are not just all about their singing and dancing. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook’s outfits complete the whole thing, and they, most of the time, become a hot topic, and JK’s “Black Swan” ensemble is no exception.

Before the boys took the stage for “Black Swan," Jungkook already drove fans into a frenzy in the VCR. The Golden Maknae can be seen gazing at the camera with his eyes piercing straight to ARMYs hearts. But what made the fandom’s jaws drop was his turtleneck mesh top underneath his cream blazer. (Watch the clip here).

When the performance started, BTS was clearly wearing a different outfit from the VCR. However, Jungkook maintained his sexy concept by wearing a turtleneck mesh top with flower-like patterns. It was revealing yet mysterious at the same time.

Despite his mesh top being covered by his black blazer, Jungkook’s incredible fit physique was still very evident. His tiny waist and muscular legs were also emphasized by his tight pants. (Watch the clip here).

Meanwhile, one of the biggest physical changes that Jungkook did was getting tattoos. While tattoos are not illegal in South Korea, they are quite controversial; hence, Big Hit staff, most of the time, covered his ink.

But, as time goes by, it appears that Jungkook is getting more and more comfortable with showing off his tattoos. Instead of wearing long sleeves and sweaters, the BTS star wears short-sleeve shirts every time he feels like it, not worrying about his ink peeking out.