Jimin and V proudly call each other “soulmates.” The BTS stars have been friends before they became trainees in Big Hit Entertainment and have maintained that close relationship until today. ARMYs created a ship name for them (VMin) because of their special bond.

On June 3, at around four in the morning KST, V burst ARMYs into UwUs when he shared a soulmate-worthy selfie with Jimin on Weverse. The 95-liners can be seen cuddling together in bed.

It’s hard to confirm at the time if Jimin and V were just getting ready for bed, or they filmed something before the selfie since they were both still wearing earrings. (Check out the photo here). Since the 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and actor didn't say anything on the caption, ARMYs were left curious.

Now, VMin’s bed selfie is finally explained. As it turns out, their photo that made a lot of ARMYs curious was taken during BTS’s recent reality series, In The Soop.

The BTS boys had designated rooms during their stay-cation in the exclusive location. V shared a room with J-Hope in the main house while Jimin stayed in the Upper House alone, where the selfie was taken.

Just because they have their own rooms, that does not mean that the boys are not allowed to stay in a different bedroom. V decided to spend his downtime in his soulmate’s room, where they laid on the bed while scrolling through their phones.

V then suggested that they should take a selfie together, noting that they have not done it in a while. Jimin agreed, and the pair snuggled up to take a photo. (Watch the clip here). JM asked his soulmate if he’ll upload it online, and he said yes — and that’s how the VMin selfie made its rounds on the internet. (Watch the clip here).

Meanwhile, just because Jimin and V are “soulmates,” that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some misunderstandings at all. In fact, Suga revealed their real status during BTS appearance in James Corden's “Carpool Karaoke” back in February.

When James Corden asked BTS if who among them argue a lot, Suga quickly said it was Jimin and V. The host then wondered what VMin usually argue about, but the pair chose to protect their soulmate status by keeping quiet. Jungkook, on the other hand, was more than willing to answer the question, and said “dumplings.”