Michelle Obama has continued to become one of today's most influential women. After her stint inside the White House, the public remains supportive of her.

In 2018, her book, Becoming, became the best-selling book in just 15 days prior to its release. This only goes to show that many people are interested in the former First Lady's thoughts, interests, and background.

In terms of her background, the public already knows of her African-American roots. But, what seemingly surprised the public is the possibility of her having Irish roots, like Barack Obama.

Irish Central reported that Michelle Obama likely has Irish roots. Based on the renowned genealogist Megan Smolenyak, who traced Barack Obama's roots to Ireland, Henry Shields, an Irish slave owner in Georgia, might be the former First Lady's ancestor.

In scrutinizing Michelle's Irish roots, she found out that Shields fathered several children with one of his slaves named Melvinia. She happens to be Obama's great great great grandmother.

Despite the likelihood, the theory remains inconclusively proven. Nevertheless, all of the reported available evidence makes it "extremely likely" that the Irish slave owner is Michelle's ancestor.

The publication continued that it was not uncommon for a white slave owner to have sexual relations with his slaves. In the 17th and 18th centuries, this practice was, reportedly, common in America.

In further strengthening the arguments, reports noted that even the third President of America, Thomas Jefferson, allegedly, has had sexual relations with one of the slaves he owned, particularly with Sally Hemings.

The Irish Times previously stated, though, that Michelle Obama likely deems this a "less attractive" thought than in the case of Barack Obama. The reason being is that her family story relates to a history of "slavery, exploitation, and rape."

Despite this, Michelle Obama once spoke about the significance of discovering one's roots. She discussed this during her 2016 visit to Ireland, alongside her two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

This was not the first time that she visited the country. Back in 2011, she accompanied Barack Obama on his "solitary trip" to the country as the U.S. President.

At that time, reports said that the public, including even politicians, "excessively picked" up the former American leader's ancient links to the Emerald Isle. His roots apparently go back to Falmouth Kearney, an Irish born in 1830, who emigrated from Moneygall to America. Since the discovery, the public deems him as Obama's third great-grandfather.