Meghan Markle's 15-minute talk at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen Virtual Summit on Tuesday was apparently a rip off from a Netflix show. Keen observers on Twitter said that the Duchess of Sussex's message about social media addiction seemed plagiarized from the content of the documentary, The Social Dilemma

According to Daily Express, Twitter users screen-grabbed clips from the show to prove that Meghan Markle copied what she said from the program. One particular clip focused on how software companies termed their customers as "users" similar to illegal drug traders. The Duchess of Sussex also made the same comparisons to "users" of social media and "users" of drugs. 

Statistician Edward Tufte is the resource person on The Social Dilemma, which came out on the streaming platform in January 2020. He also said that algorithms on social media are specifically designed to entice addition. The Duchess of Sussex seemingly re-hashed this point in her speech at the virtual summit. She said that "something algorithmically" is in social media, which creates the obsession or addiction. 

Meghan never mentioned the documentary in her talk with Fortune. However, Twitter users said she was paid to speak at that event and then shared an idea she copied from someone else without giving the proper acknowledgment. 

At that same summit, the Duchess of Sussex set herself apart from social media users by saying that she hasn't been in the platform "for a very long time." Prior to meeting Harry, however, Meghan was quite active on social media as she promoted her TV show, Suits, and her lifestyle blog, The Tig. She closed down her Instagram and blog when she married Prince Harry.

Meghan also said that she isn't the person behind the Sussex Royal account when it used to be active on Instagram. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex closed the account as well when they stepped down from their royal duties in March. 

Harry and Meghan have no social media presence currently but they are frequently highlighted in the accounts of the charities they support. Meghan said leaving social media was for her self-preservation and it helped deal with the negativity after she was told that she's the most trolled person of 2019. 

The couple plan on launching their new foundation, Archewell, soon and will likely use social media once again to promote their advocacy. One of the things Harry and Meghan Markle are fighting for is responsible use of the internet