Barack Obama announced the official release date of his new memoir, A Promised Land, earlier in September. Based on the teaser posts, the book will drop on November 17, which is two weeks after Donald Trump faces his rival, Joe Biden, for the Oval Office.

The former U.S. President shared his thoughts about the material. He said that he is "proud" of the book, adding that there is no feeling like finishing one.

Since Obama's announcement, many have already placed their pre-orders. It has since become one of the most highly anticipated books today, according to Syracuse.

For those who are interested in having Barack Obama's latest tome, the publication listed all the places where the public could pre-order. Some of the stores include Amazon,, and, Barnes & Noble. Reports noted that these stores offer the hardcover, paperback, and audio versions of A Promised Land.

As for the E-Book version, which will be available on November 24, the places where the public could pre-order are Apple Books and Google Play. Amazon will, also, reportedly offer Kindle versions.

The prices vary, however, depending on the store and version of the book. Nevertheless, it ranges from $18 up to $65, with the CD version having the highest price tag.

Barack Obama's A Promised Land details the 44th U.S. President's "journey" from being a young man, who seeks his identity, to become the leader of the "free world." He, also, reflects on his management of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the operation that led to the demise of Osama bin Laden, and the Affordable Care Act in the material.

The publisher, Penguin Random House, noted, though, that it will cover only the first term of his presidency inside the White House. A second volume, which will, reportedly, focus on his second term, as well as his life after the White House, will drop on a much later date.

CNN reported that A Promised Land is Barack Obama's fourth book. He has already written three materials in the past, including Dreams From My Father, Of Thee I Sing, and The Audacity of Hope.

Meanwhile, his wife has, also, published her own memoir in 2018. Upon its arrival, Becoming became the best selling book of the year. Reports said that it had already sold more than 10 million copies.

Obama's new and upcoming memoir features a total of 768 pages. The publisher, later on, added that the book will be issued in over 25 languages.