Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are now busy working on Rick and Morty Season 5. Although its official plotline remains under lock and key, rumors have it that it may feature a crossover to a popular comics.

Even before Rick and Morty Season 4 started airing last year, Harmon revealed he was already working on Rick and Morty Season 5. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on TV and movie productions, it didn't stop the producers from starting the new season during the coronavirus lockdown.

Harmon told The Wrap, via Devdiscourse, the writers started working on a new season in a two-hour meeting on Zoom. He even revealed there were a lot of better things about "a Zoom writers' room."

By the looks of it, fans would never have to wait that long to see Rick and Morty Season 5. They might see the much loved fan-favorite characters' return sooner than two and a half years, which was considered the animated series' longest gap between two seasons.

Harmon and Roiland explained to Entertainment Weekly that it might be safe to assume the gap between Season 3 and Season 4 would be the last time fans would experience a long waiting game. Although they couldn't confirm when they could finish the new season, they were a hundred percent sure it would never take more than a couple of years.

As early as last year, the two already had plans to make the new episodes quicker. So, what Rick and Morty Season 5 would feature?

Daily Express suggested it might feature a cross over with the short story collections based on the show, called Rick and Morty Presents. There are about 60 issues available for adaptation, although it has yet to be confirmed if the graphic novels shall be considered a canon.

One of the most surreal tales from Ryan Ferrier's Rick and Morty Presents: Jerry, showed the father of Morty (Roiland), Jerry (Chris Parnell), looking for a quick way to lose weight. He then visited Rick, but it turned out for the worst, as his body started to show the symbiotic creature known as Dilfagog.

Rick and Morty would then see Jerry getting more "incompetent and spineless," as his marriage to Beth (Sarah Chalke) breaks down. As Rick and Morty Season 5 might feature Jerry showing a shadow of his former self, Dilfagog might be the new season's villain that would feast on his insecurities.