Melania Trump has broken her silence about the recently released tell-all book, Melania and Me. The book, which Stephanie Winston Wolkoff authored, continues to become the center of many headlines due to its bombshell allegations.

Since its release earlier in September, the First Lady of the United States has never directly addressed the matter until Friday. In a lengthy post on the White House's official website, she indirectly called out her "former best friend" and East Wing ally, according to NBC News.

Days after releasing her first personal essay about her COVID-19 diagnosis, she penned another piece, where she urges the public and media to focus on the "next generation" instead of the claims of a former White House staff. She said that there are lots of "opportunists" who only care about themselves. This has since become one of the statements that she seemingly used to slam Wolkoff.

Melania Trump emphasized in the piece that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff "hardly" knew her. While she did not mention the former staff's name, she described her as a "woman who secretly recorded" their phone calls.

She continued that the person she is referring to was the one who released "portions" of her, adding that they were taken out of context. Trump, then, noted that through these avenues, this person wrote a "book of idle gossip," which she further deemed as a way to "distort" her character.

The First Lady's piece came days after the Justice Department filed a suit against the Melania and Me's author for a confidentiality breach. Lawyers from the department filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court of Washington on Tuesday, according to USA Today.

The suit states that Wolkoff promised to "maintain strict confidentiality" over information that she might have inherited during her time inside the White House. It, also, notes that the former staff was "prohibited" from releasing, publishing, and reproducing anything to any unauthorized person.

After the White House published Melania Trump's personal note on the subject, she took her last hit toward the issue on social media. She shared the link of the post on her Twitter account, noting that everyone needs to talk about it since the media has chosen to focus on "self-serving individuals" and "salacious gossip."

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff immediately shared her response with NBC News. She said that it is "puzzling" that Melania Trump described her as someone she "hardly knew" considering that she attended the First Couple's wedding in 2005, she joined many of Trump's lunches, as well as planned the inauguration in 2017, and acted as her senior advisor.