Showtime brings Dexter back in a form of a limited series. The network confirmed that the revival of the hit crime mystery drama will have a total of 10 episodes and Michael C. Hall is set to reprise his titular role. Now, the question is: will other cast members return to play their characters, as well?

For instance, Jennifer Carpenter has been part of Dexter in the past. She plays the role of the titular character's sister, Debra Morgan. She's sharp but struggled with the fact that her brother was a serial killer when she found out. Some were hoping she'll return in the revival. Unfortunately, the character is dead.

It would be challenging to bring Debra back in the story under normal circumstances. However, there are still other ways how to make the character's appearance possible. It can be noted that the show managed to construct Harry Morgan's (James Remar) return and appeared as a form of conscience.

The limited series could do something similar and may bring Debra back in some context. Also, it looks like Carpenter does her best to pique viewers' potential interest. She shared a photo on her Instagram account, teasing she's excited about the revival.

Her character is one of the most integral parts of Dexter. Her relationship with her brother defined much of the series. While the show is titled after Hall's character, Debra is an essential character in the story. For now, however, we have to wait and see whether or not the actress is coming back.

Meanwhile, the series hasn't kicked off production at the moment. Everything still depends on the current situation, considering the real-life health crisis. Filming could start when the situation goes back to normal, or at least, gets a little bit better.

The plot of Dexter remains unknown, as well. But, it could pick up some of the events that happened in season 8, which ended in 2013. The titular character faked his death, goes by a new name, and decided to live in Oregon.

He's living a new life after he escaped from the hospital with Debra's body. His sister fell from a coma being shot in the abdomen by Oliver Saxon (Darri Ingolfsson). When he found out at Debra was brain dead, he unplugged her life support.

Meanwhile, Showtime released a teaser recently and further hypes up fans' excitement. Although the 10-second clip didn't share a lot of information, it comes with a tagline "being away is a murder". It's interesting to see how the titular character moves forward with his life now.

Dexter is slater to return at some point in 2021 on Showtime.